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ASSIGN Motor Code System

The FTX and FTP products are compatible with the new motor / gearbox mount ASSIGN™ system. The ASSIGN motor system allows for the selection of a wide variety of 3rd party motors / gearboxes based on the motors mechanical output dimensions. Simply select your actuator model and the motor / gearbox mount configuration (inline, parallel 2:1, parallel 1:1) and enter the following motor dimensions.

Bolt Circle Diameter
Pilot Diameter
Shaft Diameter
Key Width (Not required)
Shaft Length (Measured from mounting surface to end of motor shaft)

Legacy motor codes can also be converted to the new ASSIGN motor code system on the motor code converter (Tab below).

Motor Decoder

Pick motor dimensions from the dropdown menus to build your own code.

Flange Code:
Shaft Code:
Shaft Length:
Motor Code:

Motor Code Converter

Convert the old three letter codes to the new format.

Get New Motor Code