Welcome channel partners to our online training. These short web based modules have been developed to assist you in understanding Exlar products and will include information on our core technologies, applications, sales tools, actuator sizing & selection, and more. Learn which products are better suited to which applications or how to use our model and price configurator. The length of each module ranges from under 5 minutes to around 20 minutes, allowing you to fit them in your day when you can. Our courses are perfect for new members but feel free to pop in and retake any of the modules as a refresher. Try them now to acquire all the skills you need to sell and support Exlar Actuators. Be sure to turn on your computer’s speakers to get the full benefit of the modules.
  • Exlar Overview

    Business Overview

    Learn about Exlar’s history and structure

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  • Client Services

    Who's Who

    Learn who to contact for help with applications, orders, technical assistance, or the online sales tools

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    Customer Service

    What can you expect from our customer service department?

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    Online Sales Tools

    Learn how to use the website, distributor portal tools, 3D configurator, and price configurator,

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    Return Goods Authorization (RGA)

    Find out what the warranty guidelines are and what to expect when contacting our RGA department

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    Export Compliance

    Learn what steps to follow when selling an Exlar product internationally

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  • Products

    Full Product Overview

    What are all the available product lines, their benefits, and differences?

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    FTX-FTP Product Overview

    Discusses the benefits of both the FTX and FTP product lines as well as their differences

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    GTX Product Overview

    Discusses the benefits of the GTX product line

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  • Applications

    Industrial Applications

    Highlighted here are success stories showing what applications work best for Exlar actuators

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      Additional Training Info

      Video Table of Contents

      Introduction (0:01)
      Automotive (1:31)
      Tire & Rubber (3:59)
      General Industrial (6:28)
      Food and Beverage (8:13)
      Packaging (9:58)
      Plastic Injection Molding (11:42)
      Process Control and Oil & Gas (13:41)
      Entertainment and Simulation (15:11)

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  • Maintenance

    Changing the Front Seal Bushing on the FTX Series Actuators

    Want to learn how to change the front gland of our FTX Series actuators?

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    Re-greasing the FTX Series Actuators

    Learn how to regrease your FTX Series actuators with these easy to follow instructions.

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    In-line motor mount for the FTX Actuators

    Learn how to mount a motor inline to your FTX Series Actuator.

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    Changing the oil in the FTX Series Actuators

    Need to know how to add or change oil in your FTX Series actuators?

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    Parallel motor mount for the FTX Actuators

    Learn how to parallel mount a motor to your FTX Series Actuator.

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  • Technical / Sizing

    Tritex II Commissioning

    Learn how to setup the initial commissioning for your Tritex II actuator

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    Tritex II Valve Software Setup Part 1

    Part 1 establishes the communication between the Expert Software on your computer and your actuator

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    Tritex II Valve Software Setup Part 2

    Part 2 covers the setup section and how to properly setup the Expert Software for a valve

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    Tritex II Valve Software Setup Part 3

    Part 3 covers what you need to know for valve setup and the IO section of the Expert software

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    Tritex II Valve Software Setup Part 4

    Part 4 covers the motion section of the Expert Software and how to set it up for your valve

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    Tritex II Valve Software Setup Part 5

    Part 5 covers the networks, monitor control, and diagnostics for connecting your Expert Software to your valve

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    SERVOSoft Lesson 1

    You will learn how to request and download a ServoSoft license in this training module.

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    SERVOSoft Lesson 2

    Get a tour of ServoSoft and learn how to get started.

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    SERVOSoft Lesson 3

    Discover what information is required to size your actuator

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    SERVOSoft Lesson 4

    Entering your motion profile

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    SERVOSoft Lesson 5

    Selecting the best actuator for your needs

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